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Tim Shoemaker



Writing Coach.

Tim Shoemaker is the author of more than twenty books and is a popular speaker at conferences and schools around the country.

New Releases in 2023


The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions, Volume 2

Another 52 object lessons to teach truth in ways your kids will never forget!

deep end.png


Book 3 in Focus on the Family’s High Water series! Every person has a push-point. Something that—if given enough pressure—has the power to send them someplace they never want to go. Off the DEEP END.

What I'm Up to right now...

second storm.jpg

Book Four in the HIGH WATER Series is scheduled to release this Fall!

This book has presented me with some of the greatest writing challenges ever ... and it may be the best book I’ve written yet!


Title: The Second Storm

It’s already up on Amazon for preorder.  Check out the cover ... a boat that’s adrift—and definitely looks abandoned—in a calm, fogbound sea. It has a nice eerie feel to it, right?

Working on Book Five in the HIGH WATER Series!


The deadline is July 31 ... and I’m loving how the story is coming together.  I’ve been bouncing between three different titles ... and I think I’m landing on Even in Darkness.  What do you think? It has an ominous feel to it, right? And here’s something fun ... the title comes right from Scripture. I love this verse!!
“Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.” Psalm 112:4


The edits are done for The Very Best, Hands-On, Kinda Dangerous Family Devotions—VOLUME 3!

This book is packed with some of my all-time favorite family devotions. We’ll show parents how to teach key nuggets of truth to their kids in ways they’ll never forget!

Just finished with a ton of speaking ... and now prepping for more!


June 6-9—Glen Eyrie Christian Fiction Writing Retreat and Conference in Colorado Springs area. The theme is Into the Wilds, and we’ll be looking at some wild—and terrific ideas for writing! And we’ve built in plenty of time to meet with you ... to help take your writing to the next level! I’d love to see you there.  For more details, check here!


June 13-16—Write-to-Publish Writing Conference, Wheaton, IL
A great lineup of classes and speakers here ...
check it out! I’d like to see you here, too!

In The Press

Tim's Fiction Writing Philosophy


Okay, so I was only messing around in this picture. I wouldn’t actually read Escape From the Everglades to kids way too young to handle the content—even though it looks like she’s awfully interested. But I definitely am a big fan of reading aloud to kids.

I love writing contemporary mystery, adventure, and suspense for youth. I believe well-written fiction is so powerful—and that it can do so much for the readers.

  • It can make them brave.

  • Warn them of dangers.

  • Motivate them to action.

  • Help them avoid traps.

  • Give them hope.

  • Introduce them to new friends.

  • Open their eyes to those hurting around them.

  • Convict them when they’re being a jerk or insensitive.

  • Heal them like nothing else can.

Great writing can cause readers to think and change in ways they never would have if the same truths had been conveyed through non-fiction … like a textbook or a lecture.

I don’t write down to readers. I know the youth reading my books are smart … but they lack experience. By experiencing the story with the characters, readers can actually gain wisdom that will serve them well. Maybe that’s why so many adults like these books as well.


You can trust my fiction. I write clean books. No language. No romance. No preachy, agenda-driven stuff either. And I’m careful not to make all parents look like idiots. Some writers may think those elements are needed to hold a reader’s attention. I’ve found the keys to truly gluing readers to my books is simply to give them a great story—with characters that resonate with them. - Tim

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