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About Tim

Author. Speaker. Writing coach. Husband. Dad. Grandpa.

And loving each of those roles as a follower of Jesus Christ.


Tim's Heart

Tim has a passion for youth, for writing, and speaking. Blending the three together has proved to be one great ride! Tim has a desire to help youth avoid the traps in life ... the things that will hurt them. He wants to help encourage them to become young men and women of character,
integrity, and faith.


Tim, along with his wife, Cheryl, continue to work with youth weekly on a volunteer basis as they have for nearly three decades.

Tim's Books

Tim is an award-winning author, and has a combined total of over twenty fiction and non-fiction books.


Tim loves writing contemporary mystery, adventure, and suspense novels for youth. Sometimes
the most powerful way to convey truth is through fiction ... a great, powerful story.


Tim is all about helping parents love each other better, and showing them how they can teach
their kids about God in ways where they’ll actually listen ... even teens.

Tim's Speaking

School assemblies. Classrooms. Homeschool Conventions. Men’s conferences and retreats. Women’s conferences. Couples events. Sunday service. MOPS groups. Podcasts. Radio broadcasts, and more.


The variety is wide, and the passion runs deep. Tim’s energetic style and strategic use of object lessons, visuals, and stories help him connect with his audience in a unique way.

Book Tim for a speaking engagement!

a bit more about Tim ... in case you're interested

Tim has been happily married to Cheryl for over 40 years and they live in the Chicago area. They have three adult sons, three wonderful daughter-in-laws, and the number of grandchildren keeps growing. Tim loves spending time with his wife, kids, and grandkids. Whether reading to the grandkids, or making forts in the basement with them, Tim is ultimately about impacting them in ways that will make a difference for eternity.

Tim loves being on the water. Boating, snorkeling, scuba diving—there’s something calming ... satisfying ... and even inspiring about it. He loves writing by the water, and whenever he can, Tim sets up a portable standing desk so he can write on a pier or along the shore.


Tim believes if he’s having fun while he’s writing, it will show in the finished product. His home office is a wonderfully creative and fun spot. A moose head with Christmas lights on the antlers. Dive gear. Massive alligator skull. Machetes and

survival knives—and so much more that help inspire the mystery, adventure, and suspense that he loves to write.

When he’s not writing at the home office, chances are he’s writing at a nearby fast-food restaurant, or he’s set up his writing desk in a patch of woods.

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